• Aesthetic Appeal
  • Superior Sturdiness
  • Improved Transparency
  • High Gloss & Clarity
  • Excellent Surface Finish
  • Uniform Wall Thickness
  • Unifrom Weight Distribution
  • High Accuracy & Consistency
  • Low (Acetaldehyde) A.A. Level
  • Low Drop in (Intrinsic Viscosity) I.V. Level


    A strong quality culture that prevails throughout the organisation allows us to deliver highest quality products. Our quality assurance system ensures consistent quality and puts the preventive error avoidance into the foreground. Our PET products are made under stringent quality control tests by skilled workforce in order to give our customers troublefree with Near Zero Rejections.


  • Maintain standards of integrity without compromise.
  • Keep customers satisfaction at the core of our heart .
  • No compromise over quality of products at any stage.
  • Keep products competitive and technologically        advanced.
  • Deliver latest technologies with ethical business        strategies.
  • Improvise our facilities and expertise to meet the        customer’s need.
  • Provide customers with reliable quality products &        service at right time.